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Our dedicated team of pastors and staff are here to provide spiritual guidance, support, & resources to help in your faith.



We are David and Rebecca and we are ready!!

We are both wild at heart and are on the road with Jesus to grow

a new, vibrant and freedom focussed church… welcome to Wildpath!


I have a fire for how and why people find real freedom so I want to meet you, journey with you and see God do amazing things in and through your life!! I have a heart built for worship; for teaching and discipleship and I believe church is a 24/7 thing, not just a Sunday service…


Bec just loves people, values you the moment she meets you and loves seeing God bring people to life. Combined with her passion for Art, she is a creative powerhouse who you can’t help be inspired by!

We both want to see a church that spills out from Sunday through to Sunday…Why? Because once we discover that Jesus is all about freedom, then we start to discover that it’s the world that’s captive and not those who believe in Him.






Hugo & Charmaine

Meet Hugo, our skilled head Deacon with a knack for fixing anything, and Charmaine, a devoted worship leader with an incredible heart for worship. As long-standing Christians, they bring a unique blend of expertise and passion to our community.


Phyllis, with her compassionate heart for people, leads our Wednesday food support program at Wildpath Church. Her dedication creates a caring community that fosters a deeper connection with God, providing support and inspiration for those on a journey of faith.

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